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Did you know that with today’s modern techniques, bone graft for dental implants in Melbourne is now considered a routine treatment? Welcome to the 21st Century dentistry! A bone graft can fix a variety of facial and dental problems and may be required in some cases. Here are a few facts you should know if you’re thinking about getting a dental implant or think a bone graft could help you.

Fact 1: A bone graft may be needed prior to placing a dental implant!

One major reason why dental implants work so well as replacements for natural teeth is that they actually become fused to the underlying bone. This system offers superior durability, and a host of other advantages. It may be necessary to rebuild some of the bone structure before an implant can be placed effectively.

Fact 2: It’s a routine Procedure!

Bone grafting has become a standard practice. Depending on the quantity and quality of jawbone, most dental implants which take place involves local anaesthesia or conscience sedation to relieve any anxiety.

Fact 3: There are a variety of materials that can be used!

The bone grafting material you need could come from a variety of sources. Now we have the ability to obtain bone from a tissue bank. We also use special membranes to help protect the bone graft and encourage bone regeneration.

Fact 4: Bone regeneration lets your body rebuild itself!

Your body uses most bone grafting materials as a scaffold or frame, over which it is able to grow its own new bone tissue. In time, the natural process of bone regeneration replaces the graft material with new bone.

Are you considering dental implant in Melbourne for tooth replacement, and wondering whether you may need tooth bone graft? Consult with a dental implant specialist for further clarification.

Author Bio: Dr. Paulo Pinho who is a dental surgeon for the past 15 years shares his views on tooth bone graft. You can find more about dental implants by Dr. Pinho and his 15 years of oral surgery experience at

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