Tips for a Speedy Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery

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Wisdom teeth or 3rd molars are the last teeth to develop, usually in the late teens or in early adulthood. Sometimes, our jaws are not always designed to accommodate 4 extra teeth at the back of the mouth. When there is inadequate spacing, these teeth remain trapped under the gum and bone, so for most people the best solution is to have them removed to prevent future dental problems.

After Care on the Day of Surgery:


Until you are ready to be taken home, you will rest under the care and supervision of your dentist who performed wisdom teeth removal in Sydney. You will need someone to accompany and drive you home from your surgery.

First Hour

Your dentist will provide you with a care package which contains after-care instructions, extra gauze and perhaps some pain relievers. You will have some gauze wads that have been folded and placed over the surgery sites to help stop the bleeding.

Site Care

During the normal healing process, your blood will begin to clot to form a scab over the extraction site. This can take up to 8 hours to form and you should not disturb the area.


If you experience any bleeding or oozing, this is normal. You can control this bleeding by putting fresh gauze over the surgical sites and then biting down firmly on the gauze for 30-60 minutes.


Swelling of the surrounding mouth and face tissues is normal after surgery. You can minimise the effects of swelling with anti-inflammatory medications and by using ice packs.

Following these instructions after wisdom teeth removal in Sydney will help you for a speedy recovery.

Author Bio: Dr. Paulo Pinho who has an experience of 15 years in dentistry shares some after care tips on wisdom teeth removal. To know more, visit

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