Expert Tips to Best Respond to a Dental Emergency

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Dental emergencies can happen at any time for various reasons. A person may require emergency dental care if he or she met with an accident, or as a reaction to a previous dental treatment, or neglect of a particular issue. So, it’s better to know how to respond to a dental emergency if you find yourself in such emergency dental situation.

Stay Calm

First and foremost, when you are facing emergency dental treatment remain calm and contact an emergency dentist in Rozelle. It’s essential to keep yourself calm if you happen to lose or damage a tooth or injure your mouth, lips or jaw. These dental problems are very common, and by staying calm, you can reduce the severity of the damage and save your teeth.

Also, don’t delay to seek the attention of your emergency dentist because it may lead to further complications. Contacting the dental office immediately after the accident enables the dentist to assess the severity of your case and fit you in for treatment as soon as possible. If the accident was caused outside the regular office hours, look for the after-hours dental clinic in your area who can advise you on the best course of treatment action.

Immediate Steps to Follow for Common Dental Emergencies

Here is a list of things you should follow the aftermath of an accident or dental emergency.

  • If you are suffering from severe teeth pain, then it could be the result of an abscess. This requires an immediate attention from the dentist to avoid any major complications.
  • Use lukewarm water to rinse your mouth while awaiting the treatment since this can ease your pain. Don’t use aspirin on sore teeth because it could burn the gums.
  • In case of knocked out teeth, avoid touching the root as this can cause irreparable damage. Hold the teeth by the crown, the white part that appears above the teeth and rinse gently with a saline solution or milk to remove the dirt out of it. Place the tooth back in socket if possible while seeking the attention of your dentist. Or place it in the glass of milk if you can’t put the teeth back in place to avoid any infection.
  • If your teeth is partially dislodged or moved out of position, attempt to put it back in place by applying slight pressure. But, remember you should not press it hard. Fix an appointment immediately with your dentist, once the teeth take back its original position.
  • In the case of cracked or chipped teeth, you should get the attention of your emergency dentist in Rozelle because chipped teeth can quickly become infected. As an immediate step, hold on to the chip and keep it from drying out by placing it in a glass of milk.

Contact your emergency dentists in Rozelle if you have severe bleeding from a previous extraction or surgery.

Author Bio:

The author of this article is a leading dentist in Rozelle with over a decade of experience in the industry. In this article, he discusses the dental care tips one should follow during a dental emergency. Visit for more information.

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