Diet Tips to Follow After Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars appearing during the late teens or early twenties. When a wisdom tooth gets impacted, it gradually leads to pains and infections during which the only solution left is to get them removed. Once wisdom teeth removal procedure is undergone, routine care is to be complied with during the recovery period. This also includes your commitment to follow a diet plan for effective healing. Follow these tips for speedy recovery post wisdom teeth removal surgery.

  1. Protein is essential for quick body healing. Start with peanut butter spread on soft bread. Beans added in soups are also ideal. While proteins can also be attained from meat, they are not advised as they account for rigorous chewing.
  1. Include fruits in your diet. Go for applesauce and other kinds of fruit purees. Fruit juices are also a good choice to make, however make sure that they do not have much citric acid content as they are harmful to your teeth.
  1. Vegetables are recommended for the vitamin content included in them. Cook vegetables such as carrots, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli and more so that they are easier for soft chewing without causing any discomfort or pain after surgery is done.
  1. While dairy products such as ice cream and pudding aren’t recommended after wisdom teeth extraction, cottage cheese and milk make better choices. String cheese rich in protein and calcium are also easier to chew.

During the initial weeks of your recovery period after wisdom teeth removal, making the right choice of foods is crucial. Following a right diet plan gives you enough nutrients for a speedy recovery. Start with soft foods that can be conveniently chewed and gradually work into your regular diet as per your comfort.

Resource Box: The author is a renowned oral surgeon working at Wisdom Teeth Day Surgery for more than 3 years offering wisdom teeth removal treatments in Sydney. He shares diet tips that patients can follow for a speedy recovery after wisdom teeth removal surgery. For details visit

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