Comparison between cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics

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Do you want to improve your smile? There are a number of options for you to achieve it. If you are looking for treatments that could perfect the alignment of your teeth, you might have heard that both an orthodontist a cosmetic dentist can help you in this regard. Here is the comparison between orthodontics and a cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry

Since there is no standard industry requirement to practice cosmetic dentistry. So look for a dentist that is accredited by ACD ( Academy of cosmetic dentistry)to perform the procedures needed. The most common procedures done in Las Vegas by cosmetic dentist are given below,

– Dental implants

A tooth replacement method, whereas an implant is fixed into your jawbone as an artificial tooth root along with a crown built on its top. Together, they look like a natural teeth and preserve the bone structure of your mouth.

– Dental bonding

If you are suffering from damaged or discoloured teeth, your dentist would apply tooth-coloured resin on your teeth to add more strength and protect them against any further damage.

– Porcelain crown

Used to cover the surface of a broken or damaged tooth and bond with it. They look like your original teeth and are quite durable.

– Orthodontic treatments

At times, a cosmetic dentist would also perform alignment correction methods like the aesthetically-pleasing invisaligns and veneers.

– Teeth whitening

Though there are plenty of ways to whiten your teeth, professional teeth whitening methods are considered the best. This is due to the fact that dentist use strong chemicals to provide immediate teeth-whitening. Also, they do it more safely and make sure that the effect lasts for an extended period.

– Dentures

A less expensive way to replace your teeth. Though it won’t be as natural-looking like dental implants, cosmetic dentists can take additional steps to bridge the gap.


Orthodontists deal with the correction of misalignment in the teeth and jaw. They use braces to fix the mechanical issues of your teeth and jaw at most times, they might also perform oral surgeries if needed. These are the most common problems solved by orthodontists:

– Overbite or underbite

In an overbite, the upper side of the teeth is positioned further than the lower teeth and it is the opposite in case of underbite. They both can cause problems when you eat and speak.

– Spacing issues

Overcrowding occurs if there is no enough space in the jaw to accommodate the whole adult teeth. But when the jaw is too wide, it results in spaced teeth that can the growth of teeth decay. These issues can be solved by the use of braces.

– Deformities

Orthodontists can also treat your jaw deformities by realigning and restructuring the jaw, lips and teeth.

In a way, both cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics focus on creating a perfect smile.

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