Common Patient Fears That Can be Managed With Sedation Dentistry

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Sedation Dentistry is a lifesaver for patients who deal with dental anxiety!

Do you avoid dental visits due to fear and anxiety? Are you living with tooth pain because of the fear of going to the dentist? You are not alone. According to the National Oral Health Alliance, many Australians avoid dental treatment due to fear or anxiety.

Do not be one of them. There are ways to overcome your fear. Dentist in Parramatta can work with you to both understand the procedure and help use various sedation to make you relax and get the procedure you need.

Dental Advances:

If you have not seen the Parramatta dentist for years due to fear, be reassured that you will find the experience more pleasant and comfortable nowadays.

Most of the people who have dental fears have bad memories from childhood of the smells and the sounds of a dental procedure. But, modern dental clinic in Parramatta is a much friendlier environment with a pleasant reception area and polite staff.

Now, you can use dental sedation to ease your anxiety. Yes, with sedation dentistry, the dentists use specific medications to make you feel relax during a dental procedure. Since sedation is different from pain medication, depending on the procedure, you will still require local anaesthesia.

Common reasons for patient anxiety include:

  • Fear of dental equipment
  • The Anticipation of extreme pain
  • Anxiety over anaesthetic failing
  • Fear over needles and medicines
  • Shame over one’s oral hygiene and upkeep

Types of sedation dentistry:

The following are the most common types of sedation dentistry

Inhaled sedation:

You will breathe in a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen. You can realise the effect in a few minutes of breathing the gas which helps you remain calm and impervious to pain during the procedure.

Oral sedation:

You should take medicine at least one hour before the medicine, and you will feel groggy but remain conscious.

Intravenous sedation:

The medication will be administered through your IV, and it is the strongest form of sedation for very nervous patients.

Sedation dentistry is safe, and it is the most effective way of easing the feelings of anxiety when administered by dentists who are trained in using. It can be used to address the following common dental fears of a patient.

Fear of needles: sedation will increase the state of relaxation, so the patient is not aware of the needles.

Anxiety about smell, sound, and lights of dentists’ office: Oral sedation will be suggested the night before a procedure so the patient will be in the relaxed state when he/she arrives at the dental clinic in Parramatta.

Risk of Panic attack and shaking uncontrollably: Oral sedation the night before the treatment can eliminate this behaviour on the patients during the procedure.

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