Why Do Your Children Need Mouthguards?

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Children these days are very active and often participate in some sort of organized sport activities. This fun-filled lifestyle is healthy and beneficial in many ways. But at the same time, it is important to keep your child safe and guarded. Most sports injuries involve the face and typically result in dental damage.

Hence, dentists in Blacktown recommend the use of mouthguards to ensure the protection of your children against teeth damage.

Mouthguards are protective devices that are made of plastic and fabricated like a dental tray to fit with your teeth, gum and mouth. They form a barricade between the upper and lower teeth so that they wouldn’t collide in case of any impact. They also keep their teeth out of harm’s way when their mouth is hit by an external object like a ball, puck or stick. The three major type of mouthguards are discussed here,

Stock mouthguards

They can be bought off-the-shelf and are available in most departmental stores and sports shops. Though they are cheaper when compared to the other alternatives, they offer the least amount of protection. As they are pre-formed, it is difficult to adjust the way they fit. And due to this, you kid might find it hard to speak or breathe. In Blacktown Dentists usually don’t recommend stock mouthguards for athletes.

Boil and bite mouthguards

It is the most popular type of mouthguards as they don’t cost much and are easily purchased at any sports good store. It also fits better with the mouth.

It is kept in boiling water for some time until it becomes pliable, fixed into the mouth and molded around the teeth by making use of tongue, fingers and teeth. Then, it needs to be held in that position to cool off. Even if the initial fit is not comfortable for your kid, it is easily to reheat and refit the mouthguard.

When the molding process is not done right, then problems could arise. Some people bite down the guard forcefully while shaping it. As a result the plastic becomes too thin and don’t last more than few seasons. In addition to that, the level of protection offered by the boil and bite mouthguard is reduced by this.

Custom-made mouth protectors

In Blacktown dental clinics provide custom-built mouthguards that bring exceptional comfort and safety. They are specially designed and made for an individual by the dental professionals. Your dentist would initially take the impression of your teeth and the instructions are then sent to a laboratory specialized in making dental wear. Though it is the most expensive option, it is highly durable and lasts longer than the others.

Choose what suits your needs based on the price and the required level of protection and comfort.

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