5 Ways Invisalign is Better than Metal Braces

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Misaligned or crooked tooth can get in the way of having a beautiful smile. A good smile makes an impression, because your teeth are a crucial component that plays a big role on you overall look. Thankfully, a qualified dentist Epping offers what is known as Invisalign to improve the appearance of your smile. It is a great alternative to traditional metal braces that are painful and uncomfortable to wear. So, how is Invisalign better than its traditional counterparts? Keep on reading to find out:

They are Invisible:

Invisalign or Invisible braces are, you guessed it, invisible! This is technically its biggest selling point. Majority of people don’t like wearing metal braces, because they look ugly and give out a weird appearance to your smile. On the bright side, Invisalign won’t interfere with your smile, so you can be confident when speaking or smiling at someone. Its trays are clear and virtually invisible, which makes it a compelling option for teens who can straighten their teeth and smile without hesitation at the same time.

Eat Your Favourite Foods with Ease:

Another attractive benefit of Invisalign offered by a dentist Epping is that there are no food restrictions associated with it. With metal braces, a dental professional will tell you not to eat specific food items (especially those that are hard or sticky), because they can get trapped and lead to infections. No more worries with Invisalign; you are free to eat any food you want! Just make sure to remove the invisible braces before eating and put them back in after rinsing your mouth thoroughly. As simple as that!

Better Oral Health:

Did you know that Invisalign contributes to better oral health? It is a great tool that provides the best results in regards of straightening your teeth. A perfectly aligned teeth not just looks beautiful, but also improves your dental health. This is mainly because of the fact that brushing and flossing becomes easier. And there will be much lesser chances for bacterial growth.

Reduced Duration of Treatment:

It usually takes a long time for metal braces to straighten your teeth and provide the results you want. But with Invisalign, it will only take a few months to align your teeth back in position. This also depends on the condition of your teeth, so get in touch with an Epping dental expert to know how long the duration of the treatment will be.

Lesser Visits to the Dental Centre:

For those leading a busy lifestyle, Invisalign is the perfect choice for teeth straightening. While metal braces require frequent visits to the dental care centre for maintenance, you will only have fewer appointments with Invisalign. Typically, Invisalign requires adjustment or maintenance once every six weeks.

Now that you realise the benefits of Invisalign, make no second thoughts and contact an Epping dental centre to sign up for teeth straightening right away.

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