What are the Warning Signs of an Impacted Wisdom Tooth and when to remove it?

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If you are in the late teens, you may have noticed the appearance of the erupting wisdom teeth, nothing but the third set of molars. These are the last set of teeth to erupt while the majority of us have four, some have only two while others have none. They are nicknamed ‘wisdom teeth’ for the fact that they come into the mouth during the age when you mature and supposedly become wise. Wisdom teeth mostly grow impacted because we don’t have enough space to accommodate all the four. If you are experiencing some specific changes in the mouth, you may wonder if you have a wisdom tooth. But, only the dentist can confirm if that is your wisdom tooth that causes problems and if you require wisdom teeth removal Sydney.

Do they Hurt?

Not always, but sometimes they do. An impacted wisdom tooth even though they grow impacted they don’t pose pain every time. They remain silent and start to push nearby teeth resulting in a misaligned bite. An impacted wisdom tooth may cause pain when the gum structures around them get infected and swelling due to bacterial accumulation. When left untreated, they can spread to the nearby teeth, where your dentist will suggest affordable wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney.

The dentist will also recommend regular dental visits to monitor the growth of wisdom teeth once you reach your teens.

What are the signs that Indicate your Wisdom Teeth is Impacted?

Red or Swollen Gums:

Increased sensitivity of the gums around the wisdom teeth area can be noticed, and these are the primary signs of the erupting wisdom tooth.

The gums may also start to bleed while you floss and brush. But be aware that these are also the signs of gum disease so consult your dentist immediately when you encounter blood while you brush in the morning.

Difficulty in Opening The Jaw:

It is not only your gum that gets swelling, but they also become painful to open and close your mouth when the wisdom tooth starts erupting. The pain may be mild in the beginning and may become intense with time.  For some people, the pain may also come and go in phases like they may feel discomfort only for a few days.

Bad Breath:

As the wisdom teeth start to erupt, because they are located in the farthest end of the mouth, they are difficult to clean which results in bacterial accumulation in the gums that results in unpleasant odour in the mouth. Biting and chewing also become a very painful task when they are left unnoticed. There are many other signs like headaches, swollen glands in the neck and shoulders. Every single person is different and experiences different signs from others. Here we have discussed some of the common symptoms that may indicate your wisdom tooth eruption. You may experience different symptoms from the discussed ones. It is wise to consult with your dentist to check your wisdom teeth Sydney to ensure if they may cause possible problems in the future and if you will require wisdom teeth removal Sydney.

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