Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney- What You Need To Know

wisdom teeth removal in Sydney

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Over the course of one’s life, there are several important milestones that one has to go through in order to become an adult and be independent from parents. One of these milestones is receiving your driver’s license, getting married, and getting your first job. Another milestone that people have to go through in their lifetime is removing their wisdom teeth. So, what is a wisdom tooth? How is the removing procedure like? What is the cost? How to select the right dentist? And more. So here are things you need to know before going ahead with wisdom teeth removal Sydney.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are often referred to as third molars, and they appear in your mouth between your second and third years of life. Most wisdom teeth grow at an angle, which is why they’re often referred to as cross-biters. They can become impacted when they don’t have enough room in their mouth. Impacted wisdom teeth are commonly thought of as a problem that needs a removal procedure. It is essential to book an appointment with the dentist for wisdom teeth removal Sydney if you find your teeth is impacted.

What Is The Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost Sydney?

There are a number of factors that can influence your wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney and make it more or less expensive. A simple extraction will usually cost somewhere between $150 – $375 per tooth, depending on your location. Cost may also be increased if there is a fracture, decay or growth on any of your wisdom teeth.

1. If complexities are found while initial consultation and examination, you will need for surgical wisdom tooth removal that charged from $250 – $375.

2. If there are no complexities found in your case during initial consultation and examination, you will need the Simple Wisdom Tooth Removal procedure. That will charge you from $225 – $250.

3. From tooth extraction due to damage caused by wisdom teeth, you have to pay from 150 – $350.

4. For all four wisdom teeth removal, you will charge about $970

Note: this is the approximate fee for removing your impacted wisdom teeth from the leading dental clinic like Wisdom Teeth Day Surgery. Price may get vary depending on the case and dental clinic.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney Procedures

Wisdom teeth are one of many natural molars found in our jaws and are often removed because they become impacted, meaning they can’t fully break through our gums. Oral surgeons use tools like lasers, drills and extractors to remove impacted wisdom teeth safely and as painlessly as possible. Depending on the case, they will give anaesthesia to the patients.


When it comes to wisdom teeth removal, Sydney residents are spoilt for choice. There are plenty of services offering different rates. If you are looking to have wisdom teeth, check out the available options for your situation, and choose the right dentist to get proceed. Search for the dentist who offers cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney without compromising the quality of the treatment.

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