The Necessity of Medical Dental Collaboration in Visalia: EHR Helps in a Big Way

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For the new world today, there is new healthcare. Gone are the days when doctors isolated their treatments to only a specific organ or area of specialty. With the advent of an inter-disciplinary approach in the modern world, the progenitors of medical research are not far behind in instituting the practice of a coherent, collaborative design for ensuring the maximum advantages in healthcare. People in Medicine are participating in understanding the relativity of keeping more than one organ in a human body healthy in tandem, and also creating bases for holistic healthcare units under one roof. Primary and secondary healthcare practitioners, ACOs (Accountable Care Organizations) are coming together to treat patients in an integrated fashion exploring areas in personal healthcare that are otherwise neglected or overlooked. Once such area, to which ACOs in Visalia are sadly denying good attention, is Dentistry.


Dentistry is usually neglected even though it is one of the fundamentals of human health and hygiene. Why?

Visalia witnesses a number of drastic differences in the practice between usual healthcare systems and it. The practices of treatment, reporting and financial aspects of dentistry is slightly different and don’t translate so easily to be combined with other practices. But it is crucial to include and pay attention to dental care and hygiene because they have not only proven important in the early detection of several diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis, and even oral cancer. A record of medical health also helps to establish the nexus between conditions such as cardiovascular diseases and endocardities and subject patients to better holistic treatments for speedier recovery. Screening patients for oral hygiene can detect hidden infections, helpful in the transplant listings and surgeries.

So, how to bridge this gap in Visalia?

One of the best answers lies in the practice of EHR, short for Electronic Health Records.

  • EHRs help to study the whole profiles of patients at Visalia and perceive medical conditions in patients in a multi dimensional format. Doctors approach patient problems with more ease having at hand a patient’s entire medical background and facilitate an acute study of their health issues on those factors.
  • The popularity of EHRs is ever growing, and dentistry too has jumped on this wagon. With the integration of new EHR systems customized for dental practice, dentists in Visalia who neglected the documentation of patient reports now are attuning themselves to make the best of this medical tech that documents patient history smoothly and help study the trajectory of their issues and consequent treatment with more efficiency.
  • From the financial front at, EHRs help demonstrate the viability of integrating dentistry with the larger collaborative care. The number of dental practitioners who make use of EHRs techs for benefits verification, claims submissions and payment reports support routes to increase offset costs and cash flow are going up. Thus attracting the attention of the AOCs to join hands and give impetus to the inclusion of dentistry.
  • Another interesting trend is the flush of next generation tech-savvy dentists at Visalia, who are implementing EHR technologies and showing eagerness to join larger group practices and also be employed by AOCs.

Thus, by collaborating on the patient care continuum, the quality of care given by collaborative care models benefit not only the patients, but leads to financially sustainable ACOs in Visalia, and everywhere else where is has come to be accepted.

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