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Teeth are an indispensible part of the face and properly aligned teeth enhances the personality of a person. People who pose problems with their teeth, hesitate even to smile at others. Having teeth that is irregular or teeth pointing outwards or inwards is one of the major problem that people are faced with. Teeth braces are been used by different dentists to get this problem corrected. A dentist in Melbourne offers insight on the different braces that are available to get his problem fixed. We will have a look at the different types of braces that are available.

Traditional braces:

These are made of stainless steel and are will be fixed to each tooth separately. Using a thin stainless steel wire, the brackets are all linked together and tightened at the ends, so that it applies pressure on the teeth, slowly pulling them back towards the expected position. Elastic rubber bands may be used over the braces to help achieve this.

Ceramic Braces:

This is a little costlier option compared to traditional brace, because it’s made of transparent ceramic material opposed to stainless steel which is quite visible. Usually people prefer braces that are less visible, as it may look odd when it’s been installed. Such people opt for ceramic braces. Apart from being costly, installation of ceramic braces takes time as well compared to traditional braces. The elastic ties used in these ceramic braces get stained easily when they use food that normally stains the teeth. So the elastic braces will be replaced each time during doctor consultation.

Lingual Braces:

This is another version of brace, which will be fixed to the inner side of the tooth and so it remains invisible when looked at. But the process of installing this brace is a difficult one and needs to be done by an expert dentist for desired results. Also it is costlier than the traditional and ceramic braces and can possibly damage the tongue and also affect the speech of the person in the process.

Damon Braces:

This is similar to the traditional braces, but these braces are designed in a way to get tightened up automatically. Many people opt for this, as they don’t have to visit the dentist frequently to get the braces tightened up. It is a cost effective and less painful option to opt for.

Invisible braces:

This is the costliest treatment among of all mentioned above, as this is totally invisible one. This doesn’t require fixing of braces to the teeth. They use customized aligners, which looks like mouth guards that can be worn over the teeth. People may feel discomfort using this, as it applied more pressure on to the teeth. This has to be changed each week based on the progress for the right results. People can remove this during eating and brushing.

Reach out to the dentist in Melbourne to get the best solution for fixing your irregular teeth.

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