Techniques Involved in the Removal of Impacted Third Molars

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Impacted third molars are troublesome and can create a greater discomfort if left untreated. The most accepted treatment option for escaping from this irresistible discomfort is removing them with proper care. In oral and Maxillofacial surgical set ups, wisdom teeth removal is one of the common procedures carried out using the advanced tools and techniques.

In most cases, the surgical management of these third set of molars is very difficult due to the following reasons,

  • Anatomical position
  • Poor accessibility
  • Potential injuries to the surrounding vital structures, nerves, vessels soft tissues, and adjacent teeth during surgeries.

Now, we can discuss the three common surgical techniques used for wisdom teeth removal in Sydney.

Lingual Split Technique using Chisel and Mallet

In this process, a vertical stop cut is made using a 3 mm chisel from distal and the bevel end facing towards the second molar. The cut is made deeper based on the depth of the molars and the distal bone was removed to allow the delivery of the tooth. A 5mm chisel is used to remove the distal bone by placing the cutting edge parallel to the external oblique ridge and placed distal to the third molar.  The lingual plate is removed in this process to expose the entire distolingual aspect of the wisdom teeth.

Buccal Approach Technique using Chisel and Mallet

Similar to the previous technique, a vertical stop cut is made using a 3 mm with bevel end facing towards the second molar. Depending on the depth of the wisdom teeth the cut is made deeper. Using a 5mm chisel the distal bone was removed to allow the removal of the teeth.

The only difference is that the lingual plate is not removed in this process.

Buccal Approach Technique using Rotary Instruments

In this approach, the vertical stop cut is not made using the chisel but with a straight fissure bur. This technique uses saline as coolant and point of application of elevation is same as the other two procedures.

After the removal of wisdom teeth in Sydney, the wound area is inspected for bone piece tooth follicles granulation tissues and the required antibiotics and analgesic is prescribed.

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