Do You Need A Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

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Extracting a wisdom tooth is now a standard practice done by dental practitioners. It’s mostly done on young adults. In many cases, they advise wisdom tooth extraction even if the patient doesn’t complain of any pain in the mouth. Why does this happen? We’ll discuss this below.

Better safe than sorry!

Wisdom tooth extraction is often done as a preventive measure. For instance,

  • Your wisdom teeth can be stuck and unable to break through your jaw and into your mouth. This is the most common reason for wisdom tooth extraction. Your mouth may not have enough space to accommodate more teeth. This can be a painful experience.
  • Your wisdom teeth could be growing angular to another tooth or even other teeth.
  • Healthy molars may need to be removed to prevent problems at a later time. For example, the bones in your mouth will get harder as you age and this will make your teeth harder to remove then.

Signs that suggest tooth extraction is needed

Reasons that demand tooth extraction include:

  • Damage to other teeth: This is a common problem with wisdom teeth. Due to space constraints in your mouth, your wisdom teeth might push against other teeth and cause damage. This can cause pain and bite problems.
  • Damage to the jaws: Jaw damage can be caused by cysts that grow around your new teeth. These can damage dental nerves by hollowing the jaw.
  • Gum inflammation: Your new teeth can cause your gums to swell up and create pain. It can also be difficult to clean.

Wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney is moderately priced. However, it also depends on what is wrong with your teeth. You can also go for cheap wisdom teeth removal if you find them to be too expensive.

Author Bio: The author of this post is an experienced dentist at Wisdom Teeth Day Surgery. In his spare time, he writes about wisdom teeth problems and solutions to keep people aware of its seriousness. In this post, he discusses about the necessity of wisdom teeth removal.

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