Bone Grafting – 5 Reasons Why You Should opt for the Procedure

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Dental Bone Grafting is a very common procedure that essentially fortifies the jawbone. It helps you regain your appearance and creates a strong base to help secure dental implants. You can get this surgery by using synthetic or human bone from someone who has passed away, your own bone from your hip area, or another medical professional. These are some key reasons why you need bone grafting performed by an expert dentist Epping near you.

Tooth Loss:

One of the worst things that could happen to you is losing a tooth, because it can make you feel uncomfortable physically and emotionally. If you are missing one or more teeth, not only will it be very unattractive (imagine your smile!), but also it could lead to other problems like uneven chewing or jaw issues.

Thankfully, there are remedies offered by a dentist Epping – like the aforementioned bone graft surgery or dental implants – which will help you get back that healthy feeling in your mouth.

Your Jawbone is Receding:

If you notice that your jaw is starting to look like it’s already receded, then go for a bone graft immediately. This will help counter the loss of jawbone on the inside of your mouth that can occur over time due to tooth loss.

A weak jawline is a sign that your bones are being absorbed on the inside, which can be resolved with dental bone grafting. This procedure will help ensure your jawbone grows strong again, so you can regain your appearance.

To Support Dental Implants Treatment:

When you lose your teeth, dental implants may be the perfect solution. But before dental implants can be installed, the jawbone needs to be sturdy enough. During a bone graft procedure, cartilage is taken from another part of your body and used to help the bone grow thicker and stronger, enough to support the Epping dental implants.

Protect Teeth Against Gum Disease:

Sometimes, severe gum disease can destroy the bones in the socket of your tooth. This can cause your teeth to fall out, leaving empty sockets in your mouth. What you’ll need to do is undergo full treatment for the gum disease and then get bone grafting to restore the bone in the said sockets. This will help preserve your teeth that were affected by gum disease and stop future damage from occurring!

For Supporting Your Dentures:

If you plan on getting dentures, then you will definitely need a healthy jawline to hold them. Dentures are a great option specifically for elderly patients who have lost several teeth. If one wants their dentures to be installed properly, they should look into getting their jawbone strengthened, which is where bone grafting comes in handy. Your new dentures will last longer as a result.

A recognised Epping dental centre recommends you to get bone grafting, if you’re experiencing any of the problems mentioned above. The procedure will not only give you the smile of your dreams, but it can also improve your jawbone health and prevent some tooth loss along the way!

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