A Few Dental Implant Aftercare Tips

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Shortly after you get a dental implant, you’ll need to take extra care when it comes to your oral health. No doubt you’re waiting to resume your normal eating habits again. But just ensure you take care of these, and you’ll feel normal in no time.

What to Eat

Avoid eating until the local anaesthetic from has completely worn off. Avoid having hot drinks and hot food on the first day and keep the area of your implant as free from liquid as possible.

Handling Pain and Swelling

Swelling and bruising is common after getting dental implants in Sydney and is most likely to peak three days following the treatment. You can treat your swelling by pressing an ice bag against your cheek for ten minutes at a time with twenty minute breaks in between. You can use the same painkillers you use to treat headaches and sprains to treat your toothache. Be sure to take your first dose of painkillers just before the local anaesthesia has worn off.


Minor bleeding following an implant surgery is fairly common. You can treat this by biting down over the area of bleeding on a clean handkerchief for an hour or so. Be sure to sit upright while you’re doing this.

Cleaning your teeth

You can continue brushing your teeth regularly after getting dental implants in Sydney CBD, but avoid brushing the area of the surgery for the first few days. Gradually, you can begin cleaning this area with a toothbrush once you feel the tenderness wearing off. You can use warm saltwater during the first week to enhance the healing process. Be sure to rinse after eating and avoid smoking until the wounds have fully healed.

Author Bio: Michael McCullum is based in Sydney and is a regular blogger on dental health and oral hygiene. Dental implants in Sydney are a topic that he regularly writes about and he is also associated with a number of reputable centres like Premier Dental Sydney.

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