5 Tips to Heal Your Dental Implants Quickly

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Dental implants in Thailand are a common thing nowadays, although the process isn’t as affordable and wonderful as you might assume. Most people who undergo this procedure end up experiencing pain for an extended time and wish for a faster recovery. It is advised that a person who has undergone implant treatment is careful with their teeth for the next six weeks and monitor them daily. However, the healing process can be accelerated if these tips are followed:

1. Avoid Eating with Sharp Crockery

Avoid eating with sharp objects like forks or anything else that can damage your gums. This might cause bleeding in the gums in case of injury, and might also cause incisions in the gums. Avoiding sharp crockery will help in faster healing.

2. Use Ice to Reduce Swelling

Your face might swell after getting dental implants. One of the best ways to reduce this swelling is to apply ice over the area for one hour every day at least for a week after the implants.

3. Avoid Smoking and Drinking

Smoking and drinking can cause serious health hazards. On the other hand, it might delay healing. Smoking and drinking must be avoided at least for a few months after the process.

4. Brush Gently

Use a recommended toothbrush in order to avoid hurting the gums. Gentle brushing is recommended to avoid injury of the gums. It’s necessary to follow the instructions given by the dentist.

5. Use Proper Antibiotics

Use antibiotics as prescribed by the dentist and avoid taking any of your own. If some solution is given for the application on the gums or teeth, use them as recommended by the dentist. Avoid using any other chemicals including mouthwash to facilitate faster healing.

Author Bio: Dr. Leon Anaf made it a mission to deal with the affordability issue of dental procedures and often enlightens Aussies with their dedicated practice and writing on why dental implants in Thailand and overseas isn’t a good idea and about the inevitable risks involved. Visit Dental Implants Professionals today!

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