5 Important Wisdom Teeth Questions Answered

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You might be having a routine teeth cleaning when your dentist breaks it to you: “It looks like your wisdom teeth are coming through.” Unfortunately, these teeth won’t bring you bouts of wisdom. Here’s everything you ought to know about teeth wisdom questions.

  1. Why do we call them ‘wisdom teeth’?

Originally called “teeth of wisdom” in the 1600s and later “wisdom teeth” by 1848, the molars don’t usually grow in until we’re between 17 and 24 years old, when we’re a little older and wiser than we were in our formative years.

  1. Why do we have wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are a remnant from our primitive ancestors who needed those four extra molars to help chew their hunter-gatherer diet of sinewy, raw meat and tree bark, nuts, roots and leaves. The advent of cooking and meal preparation created cuisine that was softer and easier to chew, thus eliminating the need for the additional molars.

  1. If I opt to get my wisdom teeth removed, will I be awake?

Depending on your comfort level and how impacted your teeth are, a dentist or oral surgeon will administer either a local anaesthetic or a general anaesthetic. Local anaesthetic numbs the mouth area, but you’ll be awake during the procedure.

  1. Is wisdom teeth removal surgery risky?

The surgery is very safe. Dentists and especially oral surgeons, do this exact same procedure of wisdom teeth extraction in Sydney all day, every day. It is very common routine in the field of dentistry.

  1. If I’m already having one wisdom tooth taken out, shouldn’t my dentist just remove them all at once?

Ultimately, that’s really your decision. Many patients prefer the relative convenience of undergoing the procedure to remove all of their wisdom teeth. Surgeries that involve removing multiple teeth generally have the same recovery time as those involving just a single tooth.

For more wisdom teeth removal doubts, feel free to consult your Sydney wisdom teeth removal specialist.

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